Friday, June 29, 2012

Final Excursion to San Jose

     Can’t believe it’s the end! These three weeks in Costa Rica flew by. Yesterday, whole gang went into San Jose to visit the National Theatre and the Gold Museum. It was a great visit—bus broke down on the way into town, but quickly got on another one that arrived… just a day in the life haha. We walked down Central Avenue, which is the main commercial street with no car access. So many shops, many American ones actually—of course, good ol’ Mcdonalds makes several appearances! There were also so many shoe stores, if you ever need new shoes, San Jose is the place to go! 
     We stopped by Crispy Churro for some yummy sweet treats before headed to the National Theatre—we all enjoyed our afternoon snacks. The National Theatre is the main tourist attraction in the city, and it met expectations. We ended up not getting a tour guide (despite every other group having one… they must trust us global scholars to figure things out! Haha), so it was awesome wandering around the theatre ourselves—Savanna even got some stage time. We had to wait out the usual afternoon downpour (it’ll be different going home and not having to carry around a rain jacket every day) and then some of us headed to the Gold Museum and others of us headed to a café. I was a part of the café group—Daphne, Cora, Carolina and Katie and I had a great time chatting at the café over yummy cappuccinos and some key lime pie. 
     We headed home after that with an excruciatingly long bus ride—San Jose rush hour! By the time we got home we were all exhausted, happy to be back in Ciudad Colon. We had reach deep and get that second wind to finish our final paper for the class. It was a great last excursion here in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!!


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