Thursday, June 28, 2012

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen? Nonsense!

A few days ago, the seven of us living on the Pechuga compound (Savanna, Audrey, Bryana, Daphne, Daniel, Shun, and I) went to the supermarket with a mission. We needed to get food to prepare dinner Thursday night for our families. We got the ingredients for lasagna, a big, leafy salad, a tropical fruit salad, and chocolate brownies.

Thursday after class, we went to Che Pizza, an Argentinian pizza restaurant in town, to watch Germany and Italy duke it out in the semifinals of the EuroCup. After our stomachs were full and Italy was victorious (!!!!), we went back to the compound to begin preparing dinner. We used whatever utensils we could find to help us prepare three beautiful lasagnas, four giant bowls of salad, a fruit salad containing pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, and bananas, and two pans of brownies.

We had so much fun getting our hands dirty and testing our skills at using a Latin American kitchen all in an effort to give back to our wonderful host families who we have come to know and love. Hopefully dinner will go without a hitch.

Wish us luck!
Brock Grecco

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