Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monteverde 2

 Hey! In addition to our last blog post, I will talk about our last awesome weekend in Monteverde. As the last blog mentioned, we went to Monteverde not only to have fun, but also to study. Since we did so many activities that I cannot possibly write about everything here, I picked one activity we did for fun and one lecture that we got.

☆Night and Day Hiking☆

On Saturday, we explored a natural rainforest in the dark of night. Each of us were handed a flash light. We were divided as two groups and hiked for two solid hours. It was a little bit tiring, but we saw many cool animals that we cannot usually see in the day time. The huge tarantula on the right was one of them.

On Sunday morning, we explored another forest again, though we did not need flash lights this time. Although all the birds were sleeping during last night's hike, we could see many different kinds of birds today in the daylight. There were ton of bugs, too...

                        ↑                    ↑
 (Wasp nest through the telescope)                          (Caterpillars!!!)

(Quetzal!!!! through the telescope)
Our guide was so excited when he found this bird. We were so lucky that we could see this beautiful bird :)

☆Lecture at Vargas Leiton Family Farm☆

On Saturday evening, we visited Vargas Leiton Family Farm, where the guy in the picture has been trying to do organic farming and raise a few animals.
He confidently insisted that organic farming is possible. Remarkably, he was
using the waste from animal to make fuel to power the different plants on his farm.
He also takes part in the education of the Monteverde community. He invites the students like us regardless of age and teaches them about organic farming through his pure experience.
As we explored his huge farm, we were able to planted trees, saw his animals and had a wonderful time!

                           ↑                   ↑
            (Baby coffee plants)                                (Katie planting a tree)

↑                                                                 ↑
(Pigs♡)                 (Goats!)

↑                                                                ↑
  (Grace with baby chicken        (Chicken!! We harvested eggs.)
   she is so excited☆)

     Group pic on the huge tree♡

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