Tuesday, June 19, 2012

La Pura Vida en Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been so amazing! Everything around is
lush and green and it has been great to relax after our
busy schedule in the Galapagos. The UPEACE campus
is absolutely gorgeous. It is small and quaint with only
5 classrooms. There is a community park attached to the
campus with lakes and picnic areas. Inside the park is the
UN Peace Monument- pictured to the right. It is
incredibly symbolic and adds to the beauty of the whole


For Costa Rican Arbor Day, we went as a group to plant trees on the UPEACE campus. We have been told that we will be given the coordinates of our trees so we can watch them grow via satellite image.


On Sunday, we had our first excursion, a zipline tour through the canopy of the Costa Rican rainforest. It was breathtakingly beautiful and we had a great time, even though a few people in the group were conquering a fear of heights.

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